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Inspector Axon

Inspector Axon is a cloud-based tool for managing Axon Framework applications. It was developed after a colleague suggested we should build an improved version of Axon Open Admin to make it easier to use our products for developers. After an initial pitch, we started developing the product with the Axon Framework team!

Inspector Axon

By now the product is in public beta, and you can watch the webinar about Inspector Axon on YouTube.


You can expect the following features in Inspector Axon:

  • Drop-in integration with Axon Framework applications with version >= 4.6.0
  • Performance metrics of all handlers
  • Advanced monitoring of aggregates, monitoring event stream size and more
  • Message flow overview
  • Event processor management

How to get started

Visit Inspector Axon to learn more! We are always looking for feedback, so feel free to reach out to us.

Inspector Axon