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· 9 min read

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All commands, queries, and events in Axon Framework are messages that can have metadata attached to them. It is a map structure where you can add additional data about the event that is not part of your domain model. Authentication and audibility can be one of them; it’s great to know which user executed an action on your system, but it might be irrelevant for your domain. You could add the username to the command and the event, but this pollutes your domain model. In addition, it is not very DRY since you will have to repeat this for every command and event.

Metadata can help you achieve these goals while not repeating yourself or polluting your domain model. When dispatching a command, or applying an event, you can provide a map of the metadata you want to pass along with it. This is done in the next example, where my profile is created by a user named “hansklok”.